Famous Brand ACE 3 Column Falling Film Evaporator


The device is mainly used for material concentration during production of liquid milk. The heating period of materials is short and the evaporation temperature is low. It maintains the flavor of fresh milk. It is applicable to the concentration of food, chemical industry, medicine and pharmacology, dairy, beverage, western medicine and starch sugar and recovery of industrial organic solvent (such as alcohol). It can be used in the low temperature vacuum concentration of heat sensitive substances with smaller concentration ratio.
Evaporation system uses the method of falling film evaporation. the evaporation system can be made up of single-effect,2-effect,3-effect,4-effect,5-effect,6-effect according to the property of compressed material and customer's request.
It can be also used together with the coercive circulation evaporator and crystallizer to deal with the concentration and product crystallization of high viscous and easy scaled material.
It is characterized by high efficiency of heat conduction, low power consumption etc.
It can widely use the waster heat (such as the drier's hot air and flue gas), the remaining heat (of condensing water, process water and flash steam) to form a waste heat evaporation machine unit.
Detailed Images
1.Customized ,1 effect- 6 effect
2. Capacity:3-100t/hr
3.Multi patents, heating source: vapor
4.Save steam/power
Packing & Delivery
1.Packaging: one system machinery could be packed in the container, instrument packed in wooden case. Usually 20ft,40OT,40HQ.
2.Shipping: Usually shipped by sea, also accept by air or by car.
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